Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Countdown to the ''deadly war''

Happy Friday everyone. How's everything? It has been a long  time since my previous entry. Well not so.. It's September now.. And PT3 is really just around the corner. My preparation? Goaat. So many distraction lately. I can't even focus on my study. Well yeah the main sweet lovely distraction is internet. All those social network esp WeChat, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube and everything that will make me stuck and spend time with. Like goaatt... can u just please leave me alone with my books? I know I can't blame it 100% and blaaaa blaaaaa blaaaaa. Im soooo stressed. I don't even know what class that I might in next year. I admit I cried because of this. Honest, I do like Science Stream. Potong the frogs just to know where is their kidney or vena cava. And do some interesting (or maybe not) experiment just to know what will happen if acid A plus acid B and remember all those acids name. And count the speed of a ball.....or whatever it is. I also loveeeeee. like loveee loveee very much about business. Count the money. The account. And learn how the steps to open a shop or whatever that will give you money. Above all these, I love Geography as well. I love to know all things that happened in this world. What makes the Tsunami or Volcano. I love to remember where to find the kayu balaks, the emas, arang batu and whatsover. I really love to know everything about this earth. BUT I HATE MATHEMATICS. AND HOW DO I EXPECT MYSELF TO LEARN ADDMATH? I spend almost like FOREVER to catch up a formula of Mathematics. I guess I need to push myself even more harder on this serious killer subject. Like...gosh..
Most importantly, Sejarah ada di setiap kelas. Haizzz. Belajar lah untuk PT3 dulu ni. Nanti baru fikir pasal kelas. I have to pass with flying beautiful colorful colors.~

 C O U N T D O W N T O 1 2 - 1 7 O C T O B E R ................ 

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