Saturday, 7 May 2016

A whole new life

Ohgosh! Hi blogger! It's been a really really long times since my last post! 😭

I've been thru a lot lot lot ⚡thunders -which has taught me to a whole new kind of thinking and has brought me to here.

How I wish u cud post all things tht happened to me since the last two years where I think my 'real life' begins.
To share to them whoever pass by my blog site.

Yet no matter how many thunders that i've been thru, I still have my ☔ umbrella to at-least-cover me. I mean, i'm really grateful for I have my God to lead me and strengthen 💪 me.  All praise to Him who never ever leave me! 

No, no one did ever see or touch my scars. But I, myself, know how terrible it was in there- inside my heart.

As I read back all entries that I posted here, how I wish I cud turn back ⌚ time and at least skip/ hide/ take a diff path from the beginning. How I miss my childhood!  😭

But, that's life.

It's not about your age, it's your EXPERIENCE.

See them as a way to train you and take them as your opponent to defend yourself- all for your upcoming more wars.

Love, Natica xx.

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