Friday, 11 November 2016

Bittersweet as Form 5 student

Well hello everyone!
Hows ya doin?

First of all, i wud like to take this opportunity to give a big applause and congratulations to the new America President, Donald Trump!

wuhuuu sememangnya unexpected election.


Kidding peps! Hello blog, hello readers, hello visitors! Happy blessed day.

Tbh, hari ni menandakan berakhirnya minggu pertama utk......SPM!! Wow man 😱 pejam celik pejam celik im now SPM candidate kan. If u go thru my blog, u will know my examinations life started from UPSR, PT3 and now SPM. I dont expect any beautiful results for me but lets dont talk about this, aye? (nantinanti bru sy share ok? 👌)

Now, whts with my title "bittersweet as form 5 student"? Sememangnya im encountering this era which u feel excited for passing the big exam and bitter for knowing that youll be leaving your school life, esp your friends!!

So, since i realized that theres only few more days left for us to see each other, sy bawa camera sy straight one week for capturing moments together and recorded videos. I promise to myself, to do some editing and will be posted it here. (Tahun depan laaa ah since my laptop under maintenance.)  💻💻💻

Im a grateful student and a classmate to everyone in 5Proactive 2016. Tho some of us barely talk but i see you and you got special place in my heart and my mind. Not to forget, my most honourable teachers, Tcr Chong & Tcr Morrien for shaping us and loving us as your own anak anak monkeys 😊🐒🐵

(picture above was taken during our Form 5 Students Appreciation day)

Oh anyway, Im goin to sit for the most killer subjects next week, 🔪🔪🔪🔪 (i dont want to mention those subjs here. mau igt nama pun bikin gagar) but yeah pray for the best.

"Ora et labora!"

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