Friday, 18 November 2016

Why so fast?

Hello everyone!
Soooo today marks the end of second weeks of SPM. (yeyy?)

So last week was 🔫🔫💣💣💣 and 💔💔💔 as well but lets hope n pray for the best aye. I'll tell you why soon bila semua semangat sudah kembali dalam diri ini. Cuhs honestly, my spirit gone missing. (sayonara 🙋)

So i got only 2 more subjs to sit for which means, 2 more days left for me to step into that school. Yaa sedih ba siapa x sedih kan. And...

Ohh sedihhhhnyaaaaa ni utusan dri tc morrien and tc chong. It means beberapa hari lg kmi dpt see each other's nose lol. 

Anyway, how was your weekdays? Eh i forgot pula today bru Friyay kan. Hahahaha i really tot that today is Saturday. Tp tiapalah. Enjoy your Friday!  💞💞💞

Heres my selfie freshly baru ja bangun direct p makan ayam goreng and minum green tea then kasi makan my three ikur fishes breakfast. wkwkwkw #selfierare #becosbelumcucimuka #hehehe

till i write again soon. mahalo!
Oh btw im thinking whether shud i or shudnt i change my profile pic, bio and stuff? Sbb bila baca blik enduuu sch rendah punya update tu yaww hahaha. I just update my description tp yg lain blum lagi. Shud i or shudnt i..........

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