Thursday, 25 January 2018

Q & A myself

Hey thereeee ! so Ive been thinking to do this since i dont have anything to post. Honestly I havent read each one of the question i was just looking thru once and downloaded it. 30 questions and 30 answers! let's do this.

Question number 1: List 20 random facts about yourself.
Ok random facts kan. 
1. Cry baby hahahahahahha 
2. Mental tidak kuat. seriousslyyyyyy.
3. I have such trust issue. susah mau percaya orang eih.
4. I cant deal with kiddos with straight face. yet i try to understand u know.
5. Affectionate person. 
6. So many life principles.
7. Tired.
8. Alone
9. Prefer to do things by myself.
10. If i dont tell you, then dont bother to ask. It means I dont want to tell you.
11.  Solitude.
12. Privacy life is a happy life.
13. Crave food. western food make my stomach happy.
14. Secrets vault.
15. I kept precious memories in my heart.
16. I laugh so hard.
17. Dont mess with me 
18. Dont push me
19. Not really into judgement conversation 
20. So many things happened yet so little things to say.

Question number 2: 3 legitimate fears- explain.
1. Losing friends.
Oh well probably because i found it hard for me to make new friends. Those friends that i have now are the ones who worth to invest my time and energy with. 

2. Trust issue.
Im the kind of person who will tell you everything when i truly trusted you. I had experienced people broke my trust. Well, it's their lost.

3. Pistanthrophobia 
 Google for it. 

Question number 3: Relationship with parents.
Do i have to answer this............ Ok bah . no comment hahahaha.

Question number 4: List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could.
 Wow this is so interesting.
Well, dear self, first, go for what you wanted!!!!!!!!!!! mau masuk KV sambung tourism? GO FOR IT SERIOUSLY?! Second, why bother to follow your friends a.k.a pride? you seriously have to choose the geography rather than addmaths and accounting stuff............. youve been thinking to take geography right? i thought you like geography since form 1? Third, be bold, firm and courage! Fourth, dont trust people easily. not everyone is your friend and dont easily get attached. somethings are completely temporary. Fifth, you should have just walk away from that toxic person. Sixth, menari bagus bagus masa solo. Do not be so nervous because it all temporary, what meant forever is your achievement on stage. Seventh, respect every hooman. Eighth, less talk and just listen. Ninth, make up your mind. Tenth, I love you, you deserve life that youve been dreaming of. Hold on tight keep yourself chin up and just go on . eventually life will bring you to what youre supposed to be and meant to.

Question number 5: 5 things that make you most happy right now
1. Good food.
2. To see and make sure all the people that i love, is happy and satisfied even if it's hurting me
3. Gained weight. Seriously.
4. I'm able to handle things on my own. 
5. Good sleep, enough rest.

Question number 6: Hardest thing that you have ever experienced 
Oh gosh... honestly i got few things crossed in my mind to answer this but it's kinda deep and personal.... so my answer to this question is those hard times where i have to choose whether to follow my heart or to make others happy. that's it. no more further explanation.

Question number 7: Dream job and why.
My dream job....fuhh. Should i tell this? hahaha ok why not. So my dream job is not just a job to get salary and pay my bills but it is a passion. I wish to run my own hotel and resort. pergh. such big dream huh ?  it has been my dream job since 14. WHY? I have no idea how to explain this. hahaha. I just love hotel line. all those hotel stuffs good place modest accommodation magnificent view inside out. ok im done on this. let's move on

Question number 8: 5 passions you have.
Im not sure about this question or how am I supposed to answer this. Passion is an intense desire or enthusiasm for something so i think my passion is probably being confident to deal with people like the tourist (?) linked with hospitality (?) to serve people (?) am i answering this right? hahaha. passion in dancing? music? talk to people to make them feel better. i think it's interpersonal ? dealing with people different ages. not gossiping and wasting time but talk to them to make them feel '' oh thanks God someone understands me'' but not randomly approach someone go 'hey how are you tell me what's interrupting your mind'' no dont get me wrong. i cud say that im a good listener and i like having deep conversation because sometimes it all it takes to heal the wound lol is it count as passion? there's no wrong answer in this right. so basically these are the things that im passionate about. lol i dont even sure that im answering it right. 

Question number 9: 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.
List out 10 people :1. Naomi Neo  inspiring me since secondary school and been my biggest influence among any other person.
2. Cupcakeaisyah because she's so cheerful i just love her positive attitude and shes so pretty.
3. The Kardashians especially Khloe because i like her personality so much. and her body! #bodyrevenge #bodygoals #inspiring

wait can we just make it 3? yes of course you can. alright. 

Question number 10: Most embarrassing moment.
probably that time when i was in kindergarten. guess what. saya terbirak di seluar. hahahahahahah

let's call it a day. 
goin to get some snack.

Few hours left



a freaking COLLEGE LIFE...

believe it or nah. i was going to sit for my UPSR on the first day i wrote this blog and today it has been like 7 years? and few more hours left for COLLEGE. well i got a lot of things happened in my mind and i really need to pour it all out somewhere . i guess that's why im still writing. 

so i decided not to tell anyone about entering college because i dont think people need to know everything i do where ive been what ive been thru what course im taking because that's just my comfortable point. unless they ask for me? lol what am i talking about ?

but seriously, my circle is really small and tight. and i love how private my life is. i dont really like to expose myself you know. have you been thinking the same thing? currently i only have whatsapp, the only place people could get in touch with me and of course only those who truly have a thought about me.


so talking about college, it's just so nerve racking. im freaking nervous about what environment im going to put myself into. and i think that is the only thing i concerned about rather than my study. wow-whuttttt? 

writing about this just make me get butterflies in my stomach.

im going to be okay. 
everything will be fine.
i will get thru this.


Friday, 5 January 2018

My 2017

hello magnificent world!
i think this is the longest gap between my latest update since 2016!

literally im talking to myself all alone on my blog not sure if theres anyone out there who keep checking on my blog.
well tbh i dont remember i got a blog until my workmate googled my name 😑 (blog saya yang keluar paling atas) and so there this two lovely husband and wife from Netherlands, they were our special guest in our hotel, among of people around the world, they already read my blog because honestly, i dont have any facebook account ,  so they googled my name and as the result, they found it.

as requested by them,   Mr Jan and wife, i will try my best to write it all on official international language.
pardon me for my limited vocabulary and broken english .
anyway, cheers and blessed new year for both of you!


26th of January last year, i started my first and most memorable journey as a waitress partimer in a hotel here in KK. i still remember the first 3 days i cried as soon as i came home from work because it seems so hard for me to make friends since i was the youngest among them. we were like 3-40 years old gap and apparently when you didnt really know each other, the communications turned out really awkward. i cant even call or shout their name whenever i need to ask for something, it just made all the tasks harder than it actually was.-- you see, things like this happened to everyone. and it all about mindset. of course, you learn your lesson.

few weeks later, i finally  made it to the same track with. i observe, learn and do new things led by my pure desire in hospitality industry. and the most important thing is that, we were slowly getting closer and closer each day thru our ups and downs..

we work, we play, we sing, we eat, we dance we shop we basically do everything  and live together. live together? yes. approximately 9-12 hours a day together every 6 days in a week. just until the end of the year, as my resignation letter which effective on 31st of December , has changed and took away all the fun and the wake-up-to-see-each-other kind of life. in the last few days of working, i was all mentally preparing for my last day together with them and to step into new phase of my life.

it all made me realized that my THEM. i honestly do not know how to say it in a proper way... i can sum up my 2017 is all about the time we spent together. i learnt so so so much this year , basically all the things that i should learn. people on my age, they might learn to make friends in a new school with people same age and further their study. but in my path, it is beyond just to make friend and study. i learnt the pressure in work field, on how to control and train myself, learnt to improve my interpersonal skill, learnt to build trust between employer and employee, i learnt how people out there really treat each other, i really learnt the value of money and saving, i learnt to make time to my family and friends, i learnt to be independent and i learnt that 'maturity has nothing to do with age'. personally, im truly comfortable to be in an environment where people are way older than me. i found it easy and pleased and free for me to talk and act like my age. (i dont have to explain myself btw just let's be friend and i'll let you judge me) . my friends has taught me many many things, as they also have their own life to live. --how to loan the car, the license process, the banking, the recipes, life lesson (etc) and from that i see life from their point of view.

Tuntasnya, they meant so much for me as i was just starting and living my 18 years old life, they know me well and i learn about them as well. i might be the youngest, and the 'ex-colleague' to them, for real, they dont have any idea how much i love them and that they have special place in my heart. i love them from the utmost and i dont think they know that they are one of my reason to work hard this year as im going to further study in just few more days. they are my motivation, kick-start, for the next phase of my life.

i feel really loved when im with them. on the last day of working, we had this exchange gift among us for new year and surprisingly they did have prepared some gifts for me too! you see, it took EFFORT to do that. and some people just wont count if they truly pleasure to do so.they spent their time to shop and money that they actually could use to buy their own need. i really really appreciate all the efforts. and i promised myself TO NOT CRY during my last day working, but in the middle of the work, my friend suddenly drop his tears like seriously ALL OF SUDDEN and it happened to few friends too. i honestly didnt know who am i how much do i mean for them or how sad they were for me. and so i broke my own promise to myself. and i was glad to have the chance to hug each of them because i am a hug person. i hug those who i love the most...

>>happy new year<<

two days later, they kept posting things about me like my punchcard, my cup that i purposely left (so that everytime they use it will reminds them of me heheheh) and sent me all the crazy funny videos that we did last year and some pictures as well. personally it broke my heart that they have to miss me and if i have to responsible for their sadness during new year. but you see, it all means that the bonding and friendship didnt end just like that, we are not only friends during work but they are friends that worth to keep for life.

and it apparently has led to our gathering last night.. i feel so so so on top of the world as i see them coming one by one to our barbeque spot and we really had a good time together we eat we drink we play we sing together.oh ya, singing is one thing that we all love to do. i can say it is our obvious common. we were like singing all the time during work back then. we could make up a team you know.

After all, i thank God. i thank God for everything. i really thank God for giving me the chance to live this phase in my life. i thank God for having them in my growth. i know and im sure that we are not just meant to cross the same path for a while, but are meant to stay forever.

to all my friends above,

cheers! to many more years together.

thanks for the love
thanks for showing up
and thanks for e v e r y thing.

wish you guys happy new year and may life brings you eternal happiness and joy to a great days ahead.

Forever love,

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Undercut! ( update )

Just a few hours after I posted the last entry, bangun pagi direct shave balik my hair. ofc momsy yang tolong buat. actually sy decide utk kasi pendek since tumbuh panjang sudah & kasi tambah tinggi tu undercut but then momsy did like this.

oh oh i forgot to mention one more golden tips about undercut
11) Pilih nombor card untuk machine for an example 1,2,3 or 4 untuk pastikan length rambut yang sesuai.
like mine, at first sy guna 2 & 1. but yang di gambar above 0 & 1 + gunting.
since my hair cepat tumbuh so it's no regret for using 0 a.k.a besi mesin gunting rambut tu.

short entry for today cause honestly my mood lately 'wavy' (due to hormone kot. trust me.) 
so tataaaaa good night !

ohyah, other than my new hair kunun kunun, sy pun berjaya buat header baru untuk ni blog. wkwkw awal awal sudah expose muka. ( because i know the fact that no one knows me and my blog & if theres anyone out there yang tau ni blog, jarang jarang juga dorang cek or they even might forgot about this. *yakin wkwkw)

Onceeeeee again, good night!

Friday, 9 December 2016

Undercut ! (+selfie)

i did it !

 last year saya mmg mau betul buat ni hairstyle which for me sangat sangat fabs. but since sy masih sekolah so i hold my desire for one year and tadaaaa i made it! *cheers

my undercut bukan baru sehari dua but actually one week old sudah. got to say this, im so in love with this hairstyle!

credit to my mum sebab dia yang buat this v-shape undercut + 3 lines (pattern) dyed with IL SALONE MILANO : 12 PURE PLATINUM  (pictures below)

 tapi sy berkeras betul x mau pakai bleach bcuhs based on my experience, bleach bikin rambut saya ''shoked'' lol and as pictures above (collab w undercut) my blonde turned to brown color yang tidaklah brown sangat sbb ada warna lain (dunno how to describe). di kotak tu listed if warna rambut hitam, it wudnt be blonde immediately but after the second round dye, it wud turn to blonde as you wanted. i wud touch up my hair for second time soon. Maybe after this i have to put some bleach or peroxide to my hair?

So far, i feel good about my current hair except for the fact that my hair is naturally curly(sumandak iban) but thats not a big deal anyway. sebab i was worried about my undercut after five months or less, wud it be curly short hair? then do i have to shaved it every months? well lets see what will happen to my hair when it grows and i'll update it here.

i think it is too early for me to list down all the pros n cons about undercut but i do have some tips-tops before doing this undercut.
1) let your desire lifted higher than the bad mouths (lol ayat hahahaha.) yeah seriously, kasi bosuk ja telinga kamu dari tu orang-orang punya opinion --yang BAD seja ah. jangan tolak semua opinions.

2) it's your hair. do whatever you want.

3) to do the undercut, start with a small part ( langkah selamat) and you are free to 'maximize' the part (after first shave)

4) make yourself a priority.

5) ask for opinions and reviews from ppl. (people with experience and have a good taste of all hairstyles)

6) to choose a hairstyle, pilih yang different dari orang. (poingka.) you wud not want to do the same hair color/style with your close family/friends ba kan? tidak apa? then go on. wkwkwkwk.

7) tengoklah banyak2 vlogs/ reviews/ prosncons/ tips dari youtubers pasal undercut. 

8) check whether kulit kepala kamu jenis kering ka tidak. sebab kalau buat shaved, kompom nampak kulit kepala kamu, tidak lawa oh yang ada banyak bintang putih. kalau sudah tershave dan baru perasan ada bintang bintang putih di kepala, cari inisiatif such as pakai apa produk rambut ka, letak serum ka or cuci. depends la.

9) and this one, for better and menyerlah undercut, i think orang yang mau buat undercut, kena ada leher yang lawa. HAHAHA. how eh? in a proper way to say this-bentuk leher yang sesuai la. sebab ada juga bentuk bentuk leher yang sesuai or tidak sesuai. a nice upperback/neck wud make your undercut looks good and suits on you. macam saya punya, baru sy perasan leher saya not that lawa or sesuai but you know, tips nombor 2, it's your hair, do whatever you want. bukan juga saya tidak cek or get ready for this undercut but saya terlepas pandang tentang bentuk leher. selain bentuk leher, warna leher di belakang pun penting tau! ada leher yang gelap di belakang, before buat undercut, make sure kasi bersih dlu leher or kasi putih guna tips tips dari internet, google it. for those yang sesuai bentuk leher, dan cerah, it's a bonus..

10) one good thing about this hairstyle, you are able to cover or hide it with upper hair if it turns out not as you wanted or for whatever the reasons might be.

khiaaaa~ that's all the golden 10 tips for those yang mau buat undercut. you want it? go for it!
akak belanja selfie luks wkwkw. goodnights all the people on the floor bed!
 malu mau selfie muka makin tua tidak macam gambar form 1 di post lama cute miut wkwkwkw. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Lappy is back !

hello and hi everyone! how was your day ?
today marks the end of my paper for this week. third week and still survive!
one more paper to go which i'll be taking on next week.

i wont saying anything yet about my SPM experience nanti laa time habis sudah smua ok?
one lesson, jangan terlampau yakin, jangan expect anything, terima kenyataan dan berserah sama Tuhan. 
why? ok nanti sy cer ok ? hahaha.

well my title tonight is ''Lappy is back !'' 
did i ever share the story mory on what really happened to my laptop?
macam ada, macam tiada kan?

it's like this. few months ago, kira kira dalam awal tahun like bulan 3,4,5 bgitu la, laptop sy ni betul betul mau full sudah hard disk internal dia. ya i know exactly what to do, transfer files/ data/ barang pegi hard disk external. selalu sy ambi ringan ja pasal ni barang. i tot that ''oh pencipta laptop ni memang pandai ba nda la any bad and serious thing occur''

! ! !

nah situ sy silap. sekali ada ni satu hari, sy buka laptop dengan ready hard disk di tangan saya mau transfer barang sekali ada sign ''low disk space'' oh okay sabar bilang saya sekali lag-- restart la apa lagi. hahahahahahhahahahuhuhuhuhuuuuuuu 
haha sy jdi huhu bila sy siap dia restart macam biasa, laptop kasi kena saya la pula ''surprise owner surprise!!!'' 



kotoh bilang laptop kalau dia pandai bercakap la. tapi ini kali lah ''diam diam ubi berisi'' bilang laptop diam diam dia mau kasi lost data-data sy smua. google tiada, gimp tiada, photoscape tiada, samsung kies tiada, itunes tiada, nikon files tiada semuaaaaaaa la tiada. 

yang tinggal hanyalah gambar yang di file apa tu ah C kot? yang x boleh padam punya barang idk la. that is why bila saya tunjuk orang, ''eh masi ada pun ni gambar kau?'' ''masi dapat on pun laptop kau''
ya ofcos la sebab bukan FORMAT kan? dia lost ja mcm ni laptop main tapuk tapuk sama sy, tapi tiapa sy ja yg faham. then sy hantar sama my kawan (punya kawan actually mutual friend jer lol) said dia campin hack campin laptop campin semua la but then mungkin ni laptop masi merajuk kali nda mau kena fix sbb tu kawan pun tidak dapat fix. but anyway, thank you sebab tolong tengok2 my laptop ! i do appreciate every efforts!

saya sendiri pun ada try mau restore barang barang. try test power la kunun kot kot ada bakat technician kot kot ada karunia kot kot tangan sejuk fix laptop. so sy search la internet siap tengok youtube guna handphone sebab seriously ni laptop got nothing to connect dengan internet.

ok pegi accessories then apa sudah tu ah? urm cari something like restore dia cakap. well ini steps untuk Windows XP heheee. ada dia bagi date dari bila punya data mau restore sekali dia suruh back up apa yg ada so sy back up la ...lalalalalalala i got nothing ! again. sebab dia bagi date pun x dapat ubah. lol?  ok sia pun sinyium sinyium kambing tutup laptop dan pegi makan. bye bilang saya sama laptop. paduliooo.

then apa yang betul betul buat sy tersedar betapa pentingnya mau kasi save ni laptop is when dekat dekat sudah mau habis school life sy, ya as you know i got camera on  my hand and i do really need place to transfer, mana mau save moments zaman sekolah sy? plus di laptop sy mmg banyak gambar dri sy sekolah rendah time BI YE. takkan kasi lost bgtu ja kan? and mmg dari dlu sy mau betul untuk edit video mcm VLogger bgtu cumanya sy x laptop ! ada pun mau full2 sdh hahahaha.

so i decided hantar lappy ku yg masi berharap agar gambar2 dri cam yg lawa2, gambar lawatan, gambar time kici2, gambar di samsung kies,gambar sekolah rendah, gambar d iphone semuaaaaa masi ada-- pegi my geng my kumpit's punya abang ipar which known as the good technician dengan karunia untuk fix laptop which sees this laptop is not rosak because of virus(which everyone said to me). berapa hari ja dia buat and here it is!!! semua gambar is back even tho dia cakap ''not totally restored'' but i think it is! ya i know ada juga yg lost but my gratitude is beyond everything at this moment. and guess what kemarin ba baru sy dapat when sherly brought this laptop to sch i almost chocked myself ! sy kasi lepas buku di tangan direct on laptop ..  and stayed till 5pm sebab sibuk plus sakai edit wallpaper, bunyi, colors theme and stuff!

setinggi tinggi gunung kinabalu i wud really like to thank my kawan punya kawan yang tolong tengok2 my lappy, because kalau bukan sebab kamu, i wont try anything on my laptop. Also to my zaman sekolah menengah yang hampir in the end sebab bagi kesedaran. and most importantly, setinggi tinggi gunung everest thank you to sherly and her abang ipar- which we never talk or discuss on what happened to my laptop cuma pass thru sherly ja lol haha. dia minta belanja KEPSI ja, seriously mcm mana sy mau belanja ni ah ? still wonderingggggggg howwww i tot mau bayar guna sampul because dia pro seriously. nth la. nanti la sy tanya sherly bagus2, easy thing i guess? oh i  forgot, dia pun buat my laptop from Windows XP to Windows 7! ok actually i did to update my laptop but then x boleh sudah tu windows cakap sama sy sebab terlampau lapuk. u seeeeeeee?

well everything happened for a lesson. 
after tengok dari semua sudut, this is what si laptop mau ajar saya.....

1) please, jangan ambil senang pesanan orang tua because my dad pernah pesan u have to transfer things to hard disk or else laptop akan rosak!

2) jangan tangguh tangguh kerja. yes kau ada niat mau buat, tapi kau ada hasil ka? if no better get yourself work on something

3) barang sendiri tanggunjawab sendiri. kau mau siapa tolong jaga?

4) jangan kasi susah orang

5) always always ask for help.

6) it is ok to try what u never did.yalah mau tengok kemampuan diri kan? but yang tidak ok is if you know sesuatu itu d luar kemampuan kau, then be honest. apa orang cakap tu? ukur baju d badan sendiri?

7) rezeki jangan ditolak!

8) dont expect anything. 

9) hope, faith. love.

10) gratitude

11) accept the lesson dont deny and kembali leka.

12)  kena ramai kenal orang ok? 

13) sees the good in something bad.

14) if you want something, then go for it!

This might be a small tiny unimportant matter but see things in different way. It will give you benefits and cud tell orang macam mana kau ni heheheheheheheheh.

Well sebagai tanda cheers instead of angkat gelas ucap selamat, heres some throwback pic of me masi lagi kici lol

well believe it or not, this is my first day to primary school( year 1, 7 years old me). daddy kasi pakai tag kerja dia sama saya idk for what reason but looks good on me tho tanda saya belum ada lencana and name tag. wkwkw.

thanks God for everything! all praise for You!

Friday, 18 November 2016

Why so fast?

Hello everyone!
Soooo today marks the end of second weeks of SPM. (yeyy?)

So last week was 🔫🔫💣💣💣 and 💔💔💔 as well but lets hope n pray for the best aye. I'll tell you why soon bila semua semangat sudah kembali dalam diri ini. Cuhs honestly, my spirit gone missing. (sayonara 🙋)

So i got only 2 more subjs to sit for which means, 2 more days left for me to step into that school. Yaa sedih ba siapa x sedih kan. And...

Ohh sedihhhhnyaaaaa ni utusan dri tc morrien and tc chong. It means beberapa hari lg kmi dpt see each other's nose lol. 

Anyway, how was your weekdays? Eh i forgot pula today bru Friyay kan. Hahahaha i really tot that today is Saturday. Tp tiapalah. Enjoy your Friday!  💞💞💞

Heres my selfie freshly baru ja bangun direct p makan ayam goreng and minum green tea then kasi makan my three ikur fishes breakfast. wkwkwkw #selfierare #becosbelumcucimuka #hehehe

till i write again soon. mahalo!
Oh btw im thinking whether shud i or shudnt i change my profile pic, bio and stuff? Sbb bila baca blik enduuu sch rendah punya update tu yaww hahaha. I just update my description tp yg lain blum lagi. Shud i or shudnt i..........